You want to learn a little more about The Wild World and I tell you my story in a few words.

My journey in a few words

I’m Sabrina, since I was a little girl I’m passionate about everything that is creative (fashion, decoration, artists…) but life has made me move (for job security you know what I’m talking huh!) towards a more technical career.

The technique is cool too, I have a geek side, so for several years I let myself be carried in this way. But my creative side came back again and again, I did several tests (I will tell you one day all my adventures!) To finish in 2017 by opening my macrame creation shop! It was great I did everything myself, I had a lot of requests and I learned a lot. But I had a vision and I didn’t want to stop there.

My goal: To make you discover creators from all around the world.

My second passion you will have understood, it is the TRAVEL, I love discovering different cultures. The food, the colors, the architecture, the fashion, the language … EVERYTHING

A home decor that invites to travel

And because we should all have the opportunity to discover the world, I would like to make you known by decoration, countries where you may not have had the opportunity to go. Today Bali and India tomorrow even more countries I hope!

The craftsmen with whom I work are simple people and happy to take their creations to your house. They handcrafteach piece by hand and put all their hearts into it (If you want to learn more about them go to the shop blogI tell you their story)

Are you tired of decorations without souls and identical?

Here all the objects are authenticand most of them areunique pieces! You can be sure that you have a decoration that is unlike any other and that tells a story.

Anglais Enjoy your visit and see you soon!

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